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Jul 28 2019


Jonathon Kirk



Jonathon Kirk is a composer, teacher, researcher, performer and sound \r\nartist.


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#  Jonathon Kirk ||||||| composition ||||||| sound installation  * Music  * About  * ProjectsNavigation Music About Projects# Jonathon Kirk: selected musicLost Bird Environment. version for 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass andlive electronics. Performed by the Spektral Quartet. Austin Wulliman, soloviolin.Wraith. For flute/alto flute and live electronics. Performed by Jennie OhBrown.Mechanical Birds. Performed by Picosa (flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin,cello, and piano). Version with no electronics.Crossing Field. For flute, cello, and live electronics. Performed by Picosa(Jennie Oh Brown, flute; Paula Kosower, cello; Jonathon Kirk, liveelectronics)I've got a guy running. For fixed media; sound and video installation.Ellington Study. For prepared piano. Recorded on the Raes-Trimpin playerpiano, Logos Foundation, Gent, Belgium.Spirits and Elements. For soprano, flute, soprano saxophone, cello, andelectronics. Performed by Fonema Consort. Nina Dante, soprano. Text by HenryDavid Thoreau.For Thich Quang Duc. For tambura and computer. Performed by Jonathon Kirk.Orgone Motor. For piano and live electronics. Performed by Joann Cho.Metal Cicadas. For amplified violin and amplified cello. Performed by Duo XXI.Albany Records; Troy1511.Necronebula. For tenor saxophone and computer-generated sound. Performed byRandall Hall. Innova Records 660.Sonolumen (with Lee Weisert). Electronic music for analog oscilloscopes.Crossing the Termination Shock. For 18 Percussionists. Performed by theEastern Illinois University Percussion Ensemble, Terrence Mayhue, conductor.A Moire Silo. For alto flute, flute, and live electronics. Performed by MarieBennett, flute and Benjamin Melsky, harp.Nine Mile Canyon. For horn and live electronics. Performed by MatthewOliphant.Airtight Bridge. Radio documentary (horspiel).3 Reflections on Eternity: III. (with Randall Hall). For baritone saxophoneand live electronics. Innova Records 715.Cicadamusic. For 8 channel playback. Stereo (2-channel) mixdown.Faustus Gathering. Excerpted from incidental music from Gertrude Stein'sDoctor Faustus Lights the Lights. Production directed by Kelly Howe.Ant colonies. Excerpted from a sound installation from underground fieldrecordings of Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, USA.  PPK live at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL 2015. Jen Clare Paulson,viola; Kevin Peto, bass clarinet; Jonathon Kirk, electronics and liveprocessing.Fireflies (from Elaeth Songs). For solo piano. Performed by Linda GriffinKirk.* * *